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Don't Let Stress and Anxiety Take Over! 8 Tips to Enjoy This Christmas Season With Your Family

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Enjoy Your Christmas With Less Stress!

Don’t just survive the holidays. Love the holidays and make memories!

The holidays should be a time of rest, reflection, celebration and making memories. Instead they can be filled with high stress, depression, and hectic, busy days. This year let’s change the narrative and leave stress behind, replacing it with the joy Christmas should bring as we Celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Stress is our body’s response to the all the responsibilities we have in life especially during Christmas as a mom. Stress is normal. Living in a constant high stress state is unhealthy for our mind, body and spirit. Often, people are living their entire lives like this! Can you imagine the effect it has on the body? More to come on that in another episode. Today we are going to focus on stress and anxiety during Christmas. Holiday stress is a real thing and can ruin the holidays for so many.

The expense of gifts for all the family, add in the extended family, and then there is the food, hosting parties, attending all the parties, serving in the Christmas Eve church services, kids in the church Christmas programs, the pressure of shopping and the massive amounts of expectations of the season is enough to make any person break from the stress. Here are eight tips to help alleviate that stress and anxiety so many of us moms feel during Christmas time.

8 Tips to a Less Stress Filled Holiday

1. Manage expectations

Don't expect everything to go perfect. It won't. Let's face it moms, we tell our kids life isn't fair, things aren't always perfect. Let's remind ourselves that as we go through the holidays. I made a turkey during Thanksgiving and cooked it in an electric roaster because the oven in our new house is very small so we can't fit a turkey in there. I had never used an electric roaster before. I had high expectations. Let's just didn't turn out like I had planned.

Things don't always go as planned. It's ok to have high expectations, just manage them. Know that things may not turn out the way you hoped and go with the flow. So you cook a very, very dry turkey. It's ok, dump some extra gravy on it and dig in!

2. Make a plan

Plan out the events you want to do and if you are hosting, plan what you will be cooking and what you want others to bring. What holiday traditions does your family usually do? Plan out when you want to do what so it's on the calendar and doesn't get missed. Having it planned out takes it out of your head and leaves some brain space for all the fun memories you are going to make!

3. Eat healthy

Don't take this to the extreme and skip all those yummy Christmas cookies! Everything in moderation....even those delicious treats. Enjoy those baked goods but make sure you are eating your fruits and veggies. Don't fill up on carbohydrates without having protein and healthy fats along side of those carbs. Enjoying the treats while still giving your body the nutrition it needs will help you keep a healthy mindset and keep your body energized to do ALL the things you want to do this holiday season.

4. Essential oils

Use essential oil to help keep yourself energized like eucalyptus and oil blends like "Adaptiv" and "Peace" to help with your anxiety and stress levels.

5. Learn to say no and set boundaries

Setting boundaries around the parties that you will attend, if you will be hosting, the gifts and amount of money you will be spending on the kids, all the fun events you will be doing, is essential for your stress levels. Even fun things can cause the stress so know how much you have already committed to and don’t commit to more than you KNOW you can handle. Even if you want to, it may not be a good idea to add it to your to-do list.

Set a budget and stick to it. Set those expectations for your kids so they know what those boundaries are so the whole family can be on the same page.

6. Focus on Christ

Don't forget the reason we celebrate! Keep your perspective and attitude in check by focusing on Christ this Christmas.

7. Forget about the to-do list

Plan the fun things to do with your family and let some of those pesky tasks on your to-do list fade into the background. Stick to the basic systems and routines you have in place so your life and home don't become a mess and then just enjoy the little moments as you go through this holiday season.

8. Plan ahead for next year and budget

This is more in reference to next year, but if you plan ahead and set a little money aside each month, you will have all the money you need for Christmas the next year! That takes a huge stress away when you don't have to stress about finances at Christmas time.

Don't let the expensive gifts, food, and pressure of Christmas time make it stressful on you! Use these eight tips to enjoy Christmas with your family this year without the stress and anxiety getting in the way.

Merry Christmas!

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