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About Us

The Founders

John and Jennifer met in early 2018 and knew that God had brought them together for a reason. They blended their families in the fall of 2018 . God brought them together to accomplish a long awaited dream of helping others. They have 5 kids between the two of them. Lorelai is the oldest at 18 years old. She lives with them and attends BSU enjoying her first year of college. Lilliana is 15 and is currently in high school excelling in her studies and passionate about her art. Georgia is 10 and is passionate about horses and barrel racing and anything animal related.  She dreams of becoming a veterinarian someday. James is almost 2 and loves anything outdoors and animals and is an active boy with a huge heart. Caleb was born September 2022 and is an easy going infant that has all of our hearts already and is adored by all his older siblings. They love serving God and others as a family and are excited for the journey their family is taking with the ranch.


Our Story

God gave Jennifer a dream of starting an equine therapy ranch when she was just 14 years old. As she grew and prayed over the dream, God made it more clear as to the purpose of that dream. It became clear the ranch was supposed to help women, youth, and trauma victims, and that God wanted to restore them and show them who He had created them to be. The only thing lacking was a knowledge of managing the horses. God brought Johnny into her life who had the horse experience and the pieces all started falling into place. Jennifer met Michael and Judy when she started attending a church in California as a single mom and they became a huge part in her life. They helped to mentor Johnny and Jennifer as a newly married couple and continued to be a large part in their life as mentors. After Johnny and Jennifer moved to Idaho, they got a call that Michael and Judy were moving to the same area. As they prayed, they knew that the Calderon's were supposed to be a part of the ranch. They agreed to be on the board of directors and have brought a lot of wisdom and experience that Johnny and Jennifer were needing. God has continued to bring the necessary people into their path and they now have a property in Eagle they are renting and were given three beautiful horses! They are excited to see where God is taking the ranch through the next phase of the journey. 

Meet The Team

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