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Image by Werner Sevenster

Just $75
can help a victim of trauma experience their start to healing

Thank you for your generosity! 

For every $75 you donate, another person that has been through trauma can experience the healing that comes from being with horses. Equine assisted activities provide a therapy that nothing else can compare to all while seeing the joy and restoration that God can provide through their time at Restoration ranch.

*Restoration Ranch is a tax exempt non-profit. Please provide an email or mailing address so we can provide the tax exempt forms for your taxes

Current Ranch Needs

Should you choose to donate items we have several things that we are in need of:

  • Feed for horses

  • Manure buckets/rakes

  • Riding lawn mower

  • Tractor or 4 wheeler with plow

  • Trailer for 4 wheeler

  • Gates

  • Horse trailer

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Tack

  • Horse brushes

  • Slow feeders

  • Water troughs

  • Water heaters for winter

  • Saddle pads

  • Fly masks

  • Fly spray/cream

  • Variety sized helmets

  • Horse blankets for winter

  • Round pen

  • Hoses

  • Salt blocks

  • Equine shampoo

  • Wood/Metal sheeting to complete horse shelter

  • Truck (currently using personal truck)

Funds Needed For:

  • Average cost of a session - $75 per hour

    • Donating just $75 will give one victim a session to help on their journey to restoration!

  • Donations to help purchase a long term property

  • Liability Insurance

  • Business phone line

  • Farrier - avg $400 per horse annually

  • Veterinarian - avg $500 per horse annually

  • Feed for horses - avg $450/month

Horse Ranch




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