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Ditch The Overwhelm!

Are you depressed? Filled with anxiety? Stressed and overwhelmed? Mom life can be hard, but it doesn't have to be! 


It’s time to find balance in your busy mom life so you can have the time to do what God has called you to do! Learn how to manage your time effectively through time management routines and systems so you can free up more time than just the little cracks in your day, keep that short fuse at bay, and avoid feeling spread thin! It is possible and so much easier than you think!

Imagine if...

  • You no longer felt pulled in multiple directions

  • Your short fuse rarely showed its face anymore

  • You could go through your day without all the noise, mess, and clutter

  • You had a set of routines in place that made your day simple

  • You knew you were functioning in the role God has called you

  • You ACTUALLY had the time to do what you want!

  • You had tools to help with your depression and anxiety 

Find Balance and Time to Pursue God's Call!

Why now?

  • $1,182 VALUE!




"That is Jen’s heart and ministry: a heart of giving, and teaching, a heart of serving the Lord by using all of her gifts. And boy is she gifted! I have never met someone quite like her. Despite the myriad of life that comes her way, she is always so peaceful and in tune. Her disposition is a truly remarkable, and believe me… I have seen her in the middle of moving, days after having a baby and starting her podcast. She is truly exceptional in her organizations skills, helping us mainstream our busy brains into simple techniques that you can apply every day at ease. Just be ready: after just a few days of implementing her systems, you will start experiencing what some of us thought as impossible: Godly peace in the midst of a busy life, your brain will slowly but surely start coming back into action, and all the weight that you have been carrying for so long in your mind from the endless lists of to-do’s will suddenly disappear. You will start enjoying more the little moments, being more intentional about life and feeling fantastic. It’s real! Praise God for creating mothers like Jen that are here to teach us what a restore mother looks like."

Paula, Happy Mama

If you are FINALLY ready to have FREEDOM, ditch the overwhelm, and have TIME to live out God's calling on your life...

What are you waiting for?!

It's time to take control over your life again!

Hi Friend!

I'm Jen

There are days I wake up wondering if this life is real. Do I really get to help other mamas by doing what I love? I never dreamed this was possible!​


He laid the groundwork, teaching me the foundations I needed so that I could live out my calling in helping other overwhelmed, spread thin and filled with anxiety, mamas! ​I spent 8 years as an overwhelmed ad spread thin mom with seasons of anxiousness and depression,  wondering when or if I could ever truly enjoy my life. Or would I always be spinning my wheels filled with dread the moment I woke up every day? ​Now I know! We were all created for a purpose and God has given us all the tools to do that. We just need to learn to use those tools effectively! That is where time management comes in.


When we learn to manage the time we are given effectively, God has more room to work in our lives so we can fulfill the calling He has placed on us!​


So...if you are ready to find freedom to truly live your life again, instead of picking up the pieces of your messy day, all day, every day, and find the time to walk in the calling God has given you, I'm the coach for you!​

Love you Mama!


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What will you get?

  • Access to all trainings and bonuses for the lifetime of the course

  • 7-module trainings to learn to ditch the overwhelm in your life!

  • Boundary Master module bonus

  • Community of moms just like you for support

Learn to use your time effectively so you can walk in the calling God gave you!

A Value of $1,182!

Paid in full


3 month payment plan




Common Questions

How do I know this will work for me?

I have worked with dozens of mamas just like you! I have proven this method and know it will work for you too.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds. If you work through the program, do the homework, and stick with it, you won't want a refund!

Will there be a time limit to complete it?

The course is set up in a weekly framework, but you will get access to the course for the lifetime that the course is active

How much time does it take?

You can work through the course on your own time frame, but it is set up to complete over 6 weeks. 

What if I am afraid to invest?

Pray about it, if you still aren't ready, come join the community and get great content and support until you are ready!

Are you ready to find balance and time to
pursue God's call on your life?


Ditch The Overwhelm,


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