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Restored Mama 

Are you depressed? Filled with anxiety? Stressed and overwhelmed? Mom life can be hard, but it doesn't have to be!

Learn to find joy in your home and be the mom and wife you were called to be! 

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You Were Created for More

Restored Mama

Are you sick of always feeling overwhelmed in your motherhood? Does it feel like you are just trying to survive day to day until you put your kids to bed? Does the responsibility of life weigh you down? Do you dream of having a balanced life?

In this podcast, you will learn habits to bring ease in your day and find God centered prioritizations in your day to go to bed feeling accomplished and loving life again! You will find solutions to bring peace and joy back to what may feel like chaos. It is my mission to help you find balance in your daily life as a mom and wife. 

You can wake up refreshed and excited for each day without feeling drained and stretched thin. It is possible! When God speaks of restoration, it is always in abundance and when restored, it is better than how it started. God promised us a better life and a better future for us and our families. Learn time management systems so you can balance it all and begin to enjoy your time with your kids again, no longer feel depressed, and thrive instead of just survive. 

I’m Jen. A wife, mom, and daughter of the King. I spent six years as a single mom, then married, became a step mom blending our families. I struggled to keep my sanity and I looked to everything and everyone else to avoid the feeling of failure and uncertainty. God showed me there was a better way to live. Using structure, organization, and restoring my mind, I was able to bring joy and peace into my home and family. Restoration is possible for you too, Mama!

Wherever you are starting from, if you are ready to find balance and your sanity once again (or for the first time ever) along with getting back to the root of who God created you to be, this podcast is for you! Find laughter and fun to replace the stress and frustration with your kiddos as you join me for real mom talk. 

So warm up that cold coffee and kick up your feet! You deserve a break!

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Ditch The Overwhelm!

Find time in your busy life to do what God has called you to do! Ditch the overwhelm, say goodbye to anxiety and depression, and say hello to freedom! It is possible and so much easier than you think!


1:1 Coaching

Build routines for time management and Biblical mindset coaching

Find balance in your busy life and enjoy your time again while you find freedom and joy in your daily life as you pursue God's calling on you!

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